How To Correct Your Own Back Troubles!

Dr Thompson's New Way To Cure Your Aching BackNo matter what type of back pain your are suffering from, you would rather leave it behind sooner than later!

Below you'll find a great number of links to articles written with ONE PURPOSE in mind:

Helping YOU get rid of YOUR Back Troubles.

I got the title for this intro from a very old ad I saw for a book from 1973! Written by a very happy patient of a doctor who helped this writer leave all back troubles behind.

I managed to get an old copy of this book and read it through in one night...

...I was flabbergasted! How come this knowledge is not common knowledge with every physiotherapist or chiropractor?

How come I never heard of this ONE simple self correcting exercise that enables regular people to self correct their SI-joint, so easily?

I remember the last time my back popped out...

...immediately my hips went crooked as well, my shoulders no longer straight above my hips. Everything out of whack and my whole back cramped up and me in severe muscle spasms and horrific shooting back pains!

Am I ever happy I found this book. And you know what? The knowledge of this great doctor Thompson now lives on in one of my ebooks!

In the articles below you'll find old and new discoveries. I personally could not care less how old or new something is, or who advocates it or not. If you are like me, when I am in pain I am only interested in what works NOW, no matter how old or new the solution is.

Because Back PAIN is very much a NOW thing, and the best moment to do something about your pain, therefore is NOW!

To your pain free back!

Lumbago Troubling You? - Help Your Self!

If you are you suffering from Lumbago - here's how to get rid of it - btw. it is also called Lower Back Pain, all you need is some simple knowledge...

Why Exercises for Lower Back Pain Are Better Than Therapy

Most Doctors or PT's will gladly take your business, but most forget to tell you how YOU caused your own troubles and how to rid yourself of back troubles again.

Catch In Back?

Here's what causes the catch in your back and better yet: here's how to rid yourself of all back pain connected with the catch in your back.

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Hooray, you are pregnant, but these terrible back pains, why do they show up right now in your life?

Lumbago – Cause & Solution

Lumbago - Just another word for lower back troubles, find out how you can find relief yourself!

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Find out why the best back pain treatment is the one you can give yourself, at home, whenever you like.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Are you suffering from these hideous symptoms of back pain as well? Time to listen to your body!

Lower Back Pain – 90% Cause Not Known?

Lower Back Pain – 90% Of The Times Without Known Cause?!... Ridiculous, read here why.

Lower Back Pain - Lumbago

Lower Back Pain - Lumbago Still Troubling You? Find out here how to rid yourself of it.

Types Of Back Pain

What particular type of back pain is causing your troubles? Find out here, also read about solutions.

Back Pain And Retirement

Back Pain And Retirement - Back Pain could lead to early retirement, find out here what to do to protect your future.

Smoking And Back Pain

Find out how smoking relates to your back pain and what you can do to help your body conquer your pain.

Take Time To Move Your Back Or...

Why not take tame to get your back in shape and good health again? It is not hard, in fact it is quite easy.

Still Puzzled by Your Back Pain?

Here's why your back needs some specific moves to stay healthy - not all moves are equal if it comes to your back health!

Lordosis and Kyphosis

Lordosis & Kyphosis - Don't Worry, You Definitely Need Them, here's why.

Secrets To A Healthy Spine - How To Get You(r) Back In Shape

Back And Spinal Health Secrets - because a pain free back starts with You understanding the basics of back health.

How To get Your Back Healthy Again

How To Get And Keep Your Back Pain Free.
Find out what the secrets of a trouble free back are.

Back Pain Self Help Tips

Self Help Tips for Back Pain - sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it?

Thousands worldwide already figured out what to do to beat their pains, care to join them?..

How To Find Back Pain Relief

Back pain symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg and most symptoms will disappear if you deal with what lies below the surface of your visible pains.

Every back pan condition ALWAYS has a cause.

Once you deal with the root of your pains your body will just heal your pain...