Still Puzzled by Your Back Pain?

Still Puzzled By Back Pain

Robert Feddes

A Healthy Back Is A Moving Back…!

Research has shown that people with back problems easily develop fear of moving. Someone even coined a phrase for that: kinesiophobia, meaning a phobia (fear) of kinesis (movements).

But the very last thing a back in trouble needs is for you to stop moving…

Because your back really does need the moving. Moving creates circulation around your spine, and exactly this circulation is needed so desperately to ensure supply of necessary oxygen, blood and nutrients to all parts of your back.

Ligaments and Discs in troubled backs are in desperate need of higher levels of circulation….

As you may or may not know, the vertebrae of your back are connected by the intervertebral discs and the ligaments that run all the way through the front and back of your spine.

Your vertebrae are also connected by smaller ligaments that run from vertebra to vertebra, and even from one vertebra protrusion to the next.

Your ligaments and discs are your first ring of defense against core instability of your back…
Ligaments & Discs Need Circulation To Stay Healthy

Ligament tissue is a very special tissue, and one thing it definitely needs is good circulation in the muscles around it. Ligament tissue needs to be properly hydrated to stay flexible and healthy. Your intervertebral discs also need to be properly hydrated to stay flexible and healthy.

Keeping your discs and ligaments properly hydrated is already reason enough to add some healing moves to your daily routine.

And if it comes to moving your back, of course your muscles play a number of roles….

Two things – at the bare minimum – are needed from your muscles:

1 – the sheer use of your muscles means circulation, which in itself is already crucial for back health

2 – your muscles keep your body and back in the right position and posture while moving…

For your back to work properly, you have two kinds of muscles: muscles to help the spine move and stabilizing muscles that provide the core satbility of your back during all movements of the spine.

And in people with back trouble some of those muscles just no longer do their part…

..resulting in a back that is getting more and more instable every time your back pops…

All these muscles, discs and ligaments must cooperate in a proper manner for your back to work fine.

What Movements Are Good For The Back?

Moving keeps the muscles active. The question is just: which movements should you do, and which ones should you avoid?

The e-book ‘Back Pain GOODBYE!’ gives insight in what the right movements are. The book is being used world wide by people with back complaints, and with success! Let one thing be clear, it is not about life long exercising, who would want that? What it really is about, is to learn (again) a series of healthy movements that give your body the opportunity to repair your back and to keep it healthy and free of pain.

Our research showed that many people with back complaints actually struggle with stiff parts of the back, simply because the intervertebral discs in those parts are in bad shape. And with parts of your back being stiff, it is difficult to perform the healthy movements with your back. That is why we developed a supplementary program especially targeting the healing of intervertebral discs: ‘The Dutch Decompression Routine’.

Don’t let fear of movement guide you, but start working with a healthy and proven self help program. Thousands have already preceded you.
Your back is designed for movement, and needs movement to stay healthy!

Former Back Pain Sufferer Robert Feddes developed the BackPainGoodBye Program to help others rid themselves of back pain, sciatica and find natural healing of bulging discs.

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