How To Find Back Pain Relief

Diagnosing Back Pain

Robert Feddes

Back Pain statistics show that:

  • 40% of adults suffered from back pain in the last 12 months and 70% of people in the USA will have some kind of back pain in their lifetime!
  • 15% of back pain sufferers are in pain throughout the whole year – in the US each year 13 million people with chronic pain visit their doctor
  • about 25% of people with back pain have bulging or herniated discs
  • more than 30% of back pain sufferers mention restricted activity due to back pain
  • 5% of working back pain sufferers had taken sick leave in the previous month because of pain (back pain is the second leading cause of missed workdays)

These numbers mean that in the US last year more than 124 million people suffered from some type of back pain and almost 19 million people were in pain throughout the whole year! These numbers are staggering!

And if you think of all the pain and misery behind these numbers, you might perhaps understand why we are dedicating this website to helping people find out why their back is hurting AND what the best treatment options are.

We have already helped thousands of people in more than 93 countries (last time we counted) leave all back troubles behind, using a simple and proven back pain relief program.

And we invite you to look around at this website and benefit from all the free information that will hopefully enable you to rid yourself of all back troubles!

Bulging Disc Healing on Autopilot?

Most Bulging Discs Can Easily Be Healed by your own body. BUT: you must know what caused your discs to bulge to give your body a fighting chance to successfully heal your discs.

Bulging discs are a big problem: 25% of back pain sufferers have bulging or herniated discs. research shows that the vast majority of bulging disc sufferers are unfortuantely still totally clueless as to what caused their discs to bulge or herniate. That is why you will find answers to the following questions on this website:

  • How your lifestyle could be wearing out your discs, making them thin, dried out & causing degenerative disc disease (maybe we should say degenerative disc NEGLECT).
  • How your posture could be causing your pains and also be ruining your discs and how simple adjustments can make all the difference.
  • How your diet incluences your discs’ health and how your diet could be preventing your body to ever rid itself of chronic back pain.
  • Which muscles you MUST keep in shape because of the role they play in a painless back that is able to heal bulging discs and to prevent them from developing in the first place.
  • Why and how the psychology of back pain plays a limited but important role.
  • Why wear and tear is NOT the cause of your back trouble.

Our experience and contacts with thousands of back pain sufferers all point to one very important truth: OUR BODIES ARE MADE TO MOVE!

And our backs need movement to stay healthy. But what if you are in pain today?

Well, here is the GOOD news, working your body through a specially designed series of healthy moves, has been proven to release muscle tensions that are so often connected with chronic and acute back pains and the exact right moves that we have put together in our simple self help program called Back Pain GOODBYE! have already helped thousands to drive the pain right out of their bodies…

Your body is a wonderfull thing, made to last a lifetime WITHOUT pain, BUT your body needs your help and needs you to understand a few things, and our mission and purpose with is to help you quickly find out all you need to know to rid yourself of back troubles.

And in the above we already mentioned acute and chronic back pains and also bulging discs, and let me close this page with telling you that what you will find on this site also seems to work really well for sciatica.

Recent research into the causes of sciatica pains points more and more to the connective tissue as the culprit in the referral of pains. Sciatic pains are pains in the whole area that is being served by the sciatic nerve. Your sciatica nerve runs from your lower back right to the bottom of your feet. And therefore you can have so-called referred pain in all of those areas that we then sometimes call sciatica pains. I say sometimes because not all pains in those areas are sciatica pains.

Lots of people still think that sciatica has to do with bulging discs, but research confirms that it might be smarter to work on the connective tissue and the myfascial triggerpoints to quickly rid yourself of sciatica pains.

Here are three links to different sections of our website that will tell you more about: back pain, sciatica or bulging discs.

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Guard Your Posture Checklist

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Decompression Routine

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