How To get Your Back Healthy Again

How To Get And Keep Your Back Pain Free.

A Healthy Back

Robert Feddes

Why Your Back Is Crucial To Your Health

Your back is the single most important part of your body to keep your body upright…

…but it is more….

…all organs and bones are attached or at least somehow connected to your spine, and that is why your whole health is so closely related to the shape your back is in…

…just ask any osteopath out there…

And judging by back pain statistics worldwide, we must be doing something terribly wrong…

Of course we all want the best for our bodies, but apparently we simply don’t understand how our backs are designed and therefore meant to be used.

How to treat our backs so we can enjoy using them as long as possible – and preferably totally painless as well – seems a skill most of us lost somewhere along life’s paths. How about we re-learn this skill?…

This part of the site is written to let you discover all ins and outs of a healthy back.
Your back is designed to last a lifetime – without trouble!…

…But you have to treat and use it right, cause if you use or treat your back the wrong way, then parts of your back will get stuck, sometimes literally…

To the right, you’ll see a picture of a man with visibly drawn skeleton. The pose of this body is almost perfect, at least that is how we had it drawn.

Reality shows a different sight for far too many of us… posture of most adults just plain sucks…

…yet most posture of young children is still really good…

Where did we lose what we had when we were younger?…

And more importantly, how can we get back the good posture we once had?

Without good posture it is next to impossible to get or stay pain free…

In the articles below, you will find crucial information about the different parts of your back, all aimed to help you get your back in proper shape again…

It is up to you, why not spend some time learning how to restore and rejuvenate your back and once again fully enjoy your body like when you were younger?…

…all it takes is some time and attention…

If you want the health of your back to improve, if you want to restore your back to its youthful nimbleness and painlessness, then check out the articles below.
Wishing you a healthy spine and great (back) health!

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