About Us

BeatingBackPain.com is all about Breaking Free from Back Pain.


It all started as a personal initiative of  Robert Feddes, former back pain sufferer.

Robert is reponsible for research and development of new or better exercise programs to deal with all sorts of back trouble.

Editor in chief is Danielle Feddes, journalist by profession. Danielle is responsible for making things readable and keeps the quality of texts in check.

Even though we never meant to do this full time, it does take more and more of our time.

That is why we have made our ebooks available at a cost, to recover our expenses to do all this.

We hire(d) professional medical illustrators to explain concepts well, we work with professional designers for the books and the website, etc. etc.

The information on the website itself is for free, and the main aim is to help you realize that YOU can do something about your pains.

Many have gone before and it is for most people really possible to leave all back pains behind.

When are you going to Break FREE and leave your back troubles behind?


The Proven BackPainGoodBye! Program

4 Modules that take care of back troubles at the root, and prevent them from coming back!
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Backpaingoodbye Program

BackPainGoodBye! The Foundation

The BackPainGoodBye Program, this is the foundation. Getting pain free starts here!
Guard Your Posture Checklist

Guard Your Posture Checklist

If you want to make sure your back problems stay away, this is your GOTO checklist and guide.
Dutch Decompression Routine

Decompression Routine

If you are looking for total back rejuvenation, and a super treat for your discs, this is it!
Si Joint Self Correction Exercises

DIY SI-Joint Self Correction Exercise

If you have tried anything and everything to no avail, then this is for you, this is where it ends!
Just Imagine What You Will Do Again Once Your Back Troubles Are A Fading Memory Of The Past Too...

Never Give Up Hope That You TOO Can Be Back Pain FREE Again!

People in 93 Countries Already Left Their Back Troubles Behind with The BackPainGoodBye Program!
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