Lower Back Pain Symptoms


We recently researched the symptoms of lower back pain.

‘Back pain, nagging pain, lower back pain, painful back, back pain and stiffness in the lower back, pain in the lower back, annoying pain in the middle and lower part of the back, fatigued back, lack of ‘space’ in my back, lack of flexibility, difficult to relax, find it almost impossible to move, sleepless nights, pain in the bones, lower back pain that immediately recedes when sitting down, pain in the lower back during pregnancy, find it impossible to bend, shoots of pain like knifes in my back as a result of one wrong movement, frequently returning acute back troubles, tight muscles”.

If you recognize one or more of these symptoms, welcome to the untold millions worldwide who are increasingly suffering from lower back pain. You are not the only one…

Lower Back Pain – Lumbago

Most obvious symptom of lower back pain, is pain in the lumbar section of the back (meaning in the lower back). That is why lower back pain is also called lumbago.

When there is pain on other spots (radiated to hip, leg or even foot), we no longer speak of lower back pain, but we use the word sciatica.

Your back complaints can start after certain strain or movements. For instance if you have recently taken up sport or exercises. In these cases, the pain is related to the physical activity. We call this simply lower back pain.

Then there is acute lower back pain, when the pain goes away within the week.

A large part of the population sooner or later has to deal with back troubles: statistics tell us that about 80% of people have had some kind of lower back pain.

Most lower back pain will heal by itself, but to promote healing and make sure your troubles stay away, you do well to look at back pain as a signal from your body to add more healthy moving to your life.

Most of us grow quite old – acoording to the same statistics, question is how do we grow old…

…and that depends on how you decide to deal with your back pains…

OK, so most back trouble leaves by itself after a while again, to come back and floor you again later…

When the pain still hasn’t gone away after three months, you may call your troubles chronic back pain.

Regardless whether your back pains are acute or chronic, it is important that you figure out what is going on in your case. Maybe you know what has caused or is still causing your back pain. Carefully watch the symptoms in your body, your body is talking to you!… Where does it hurt? How long does the pain last? And: when did or does the pain start? The answers to these questions often contain the clue to solving your back troubles.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms – What To Do

Once you know what your symptoms are, it is time to go look for the cause. And once you know the cause, it is time to tackle it.

Posture is a big evil-doer when it comes to back complaints. Somebody who has had the wrong posture for years, will eventually suffer from it. Wrong posture means that it takes your muscles energy to hold you upright, whereas it is meant to be effortless.

That’s right: good posture is effortless, good sitting is effortless. But the sad reality for most people is that most activities just engage their muscles too much, but in a locked and tense way.

Trigger points can then easily develop: little so called muscle knots in overworked or injured muscles.

There can also be psychological causes: somebody who is not happy with himself will develop symptoms earlier. Just think of stress. Stress is another of those evil-doers when it comes to back problems.

And one thing leads to the next: when somebody has trouble sleeping (because of stress or whatever other reason), then the body (and its back with it) will suffer because of it.

That may lead you into a downward spiral which will not make you happy. (And as a result of that,… etc. etc.).

So you can help yourself by investigating the cause of your back pain.

When you browse the site further, you will find valuable information from which you can benefit. We try to help you discover the cause of your back problems. So that you can do something about them!

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