There are various methods of treatment for back pain.

Chiropractic, Body Stress Release, Bowen Therapy, Bonnie Prudden, Sarno's Mind Body Therapy, Cesar therapy, Alexander technique, Pilates, Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy and who knows what more...

Many people with persistent back pain will first go to a physiotherapist or a chiropractic. Physiotherapy and chiropractic can do miracles, but after a while the problems usually return and the back patient is back to where he started. It looks a little like mopping your floor with the tap still running....

In any case, a treatment program should be tailored to your person. And of course the therapist's experience is important.

We hear good stories about trigger point therapy. My husband has recently followed a training in Trigger Point Therapy – with good result – and has become very enthusiastic about this method. He is currently developing a self treatment version of trigger point therapy, specially targeting all forms of back pain.
Treat Your Lower Back Pain Yourself

Some people benefit from a sport type like Pilates. I started Pilates myself recently, not because of back problems, but rather to reshape my weakened abs. The exercises didn't cause any pain, also not in my muscles.

But two of my friends did the same Pilates exercises because they had some back problems (amongst other complaints). One friend had so much back problems after each lesson that she couldn't sleep because of it. The other felt 'wrecked' and had problems with her joints.

By now they are following Pilates lessons elsewhere and are free of complaints. How is that possible?

This all has to do with the buildup and the muscle corset of the back. There are several muscles situated around the spine. There are large muscles, the so called stretchers. These help you move your spine.

But there are also stabilizing muscles. These are both large and small muscles that lie deeper within the back. When these muscles don't function properly (with pain as a result) and you start working on these ones without first relaxing the large muscles, the result can be pain in the lumbar area.
Fanatical Stretching? Not A Good Idea With Lower Back Pain

So it is necessary to first relax the large stretchers, before you start activating the stabilizing muscles. Asking my friends why they had pain with one lesson and not with the other, confirmed this. In the first course, there was hardly any warming up (simple stretch exercises) done, while at the other Pilates course there was a clear building up of the exercises.

So this has everything to do with these two types of muscles!

So it is possible that certain movements and exercises actually make the complaints worse. That is of course the last thing we want!

We want at least two things form back exercises:

- the exercises should have a lasting result (which means: Permanently Beating Back Pain!),


- the exercises should not lead to even more pain

For a safe and effective method of treatment, we refer to our e-book. Thousands have already preceded you worldwide, and each week we receive reactions of readers who got rid of their back complaints successfully.

Self Treatment Of Lower Back Pain – Without Fanatical Stretching Exercises!

The book Back Pain: GOODBYE! explains in clear and simple language how the back functions, and what can cause your back problems. We hear back from people that they now finally understand how it all works, and why some things work and others do not.

The book contains efficient yet sometimes simple exercises, to be done in a certain order. Responses from people include: “Now that I know how it works, I am motivated to do the exercises!”

Because the problem with us human beings is that we are not always motivated.

What helped me when I was confronted with skin problems (psoriasis), was that I knew what the cause of the problems was. That helped me to start with a treatment method. Which was not rubbing it (with hormonal ointments), but very simple: a diet! It did help me to get rid of my psoriasis!

The same goes for our backs. You can get rid of your complaints. And the solution is not as difficult or complicated as you may think. If you already spent hundreds of dollars or euro's on doctors and therapists, and still are not cured, then why not try this?

It all starts with understanding how your body works, then you'll get motivated to do something. And eventually you will live to get rid of your complaints! The one who perseveres, succeeds.

Isn't that great?

We would love to hear the result of your self treatment of lower back pain!