Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Helping Your Pregnant Back

Robert Feddes

Hooray, I am pregnant  (but why does my back hurt so much?…)

Maybe you never had any complaints or pains, but then you are pregnant and all of a sudden you have back complaints. Especially in the lower back area, meaning pregnancy induced lower back pain.

Your first reaction is probably to take it more easily. After all, your body is sending a signal and you are pregnant, so you don’t want to force anything.

So if you are vacuuming, you make sure you stand upright. If you lift something, you make sure you don’t strain your back too much. Your high heels are staying in the closet for a while.

But it’s still inconvenient. Especially if you are still working or raising kids. Some things just need taken care of, pregnant or not.

The result often is nagging lower back pain…
Why Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Why is it that when you are pregnant, you all of a sudden develop back complaints?

A lot goes on in your body when you are pregnant. You get fatigued faster than usual, or you are nauseous. Being pregnant takes a lot of energy out of you.

So it is not surprising that you notice changes in your body (aside from your belly swelling up…).

Where do these complaints come from?

Of course you get heavier. Causing more strain on your back. Those extra pounds will have to be carried around. Your back didn’t ask for this…

Because you are getting heavier, you start to walk and stand differently. Your posture changes, the pressure on your muscles changes, and before you know it you feel pain in your back and pelvis.
How Do You Prevent Back Complaints When You Are Pregnant?

During pregnancy, the joints around the pelvis become more flexible. And as a result your si-joint might go slightly out of kliter. And this will definitely cause back problems or pain in the pelvis. It helps to do exercises that strengthen the stabilizing muscles in the back.

Stabilizing back muscles are the muscles that lie deeper in the back, around the spine. During pregnancy, it is good to exercise especially these muscles. And it is equally important to do some rotational exercises with your legs, focused on the pelvis and si-joint, quietly coercing that whole area to stay aligned during the growing of your babay in your womb and all that comes with that as far as pressure on your pelvic area is concerned.

It’s also possible that you develop a wrong posture during pregnancy. For instance because you may develop an inclination to bend forward a little bit because of your swollen belly. This often happens unnoticed. So it may help if somebody alerts you about this.

Look in the mirror. Not just to see your belly grow, but also to look at your posture. Has your posture changed since you got pregnant?

Your posture is very important, especially during pregnancy. Keep standing and walking upright. So: head up and shoulders backward.

Sometimes the back pain occurs only at the end of the day. After all the strain of the day, your back is tired and needs rest. Simply indulge. Lying down for a little bit, or doing some relaxing exercises, can and most often will do miracles.
Pregnancy, Lower Back Pain & Sports

Maybe you are wondering if you should continue to do sport. Well it depends a little bit on what type of sport it is you are doing, and how you feel about it yourself. Me – Danielle Feddes – I still went skiing halfway into my pregnancy, but I also know women who would never do that, because what if you fall…

There is something to be said for that, but skiing to me is like riding a bicycle. So I shouldn’t ride a bicycle either? Nonsense! If you master your sport decently, there is only a slight chance of falling. (can you tell I live in the Netherlands, where we all ride bicycles?..)

Of course falling is a risk. But that also applies to riding a bicycle or even walking (you can slide or fall of your bike).

Riding horseback is not without risk either, but here the same applies: if you feel you can still do it, then do it. If you have any doubts or uncertainties, then don’t. Whatever you decide, talk to your doctor first.

Running? Depends on how you feel about doing that with your swollen belly. Maybe you are so well trained that that doesn’t bother you. But if you don’t feel good about it, try a different type of sport for a while.

Gymnastics, Pilates and swimming are good types of sport when you are pregnant. Gymnastics and Pilates will strengthen the muscles in your belly, back and pelvis. Swimming is great relaxation for many pregnant women. Riding a bike or walking are also fine.

No matter what, moving is good. Good for your posture and your health, but also for your unborn baby. When you are moving, more blood and more nourishment will flow to your baby.

So keep moving regularly, avoid risks and listen to your body. Your body, your back and your baby will benefit…

I wish you a pregnancy without lower back pain and of course, when the time is there, a healthy baby!

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