Lower Back Pain - Lumbago

Lower back pain or lumbago, just two names for something that a lot of people suffer from: pain in the lowest parts of the back.

Sometimes the pain is so severe, that your daily activities suffer from it, or that you won't even get out the door at all.

Lower back pain is one of the major causes of disability and illness absenteeism. But most of all, it is downright obnoxious, painful and troublesome if you're suffering from it...

What's also annoying, is that in many cases nobody can explain what exactly the problem is. This happens to about 90% of the people who suffer from lower back pain.
Non Specific Back Complaints

The medical community calls back problems without a specific cause non-specific back problems. And in 90% of the cases of back trouble current main stream medical thinking just says there is no known cause?!...

Now if you ask me, that seems odd, you would think that the cost of back pain related sick leave alone would summon more research into the causes of back trouble, AND of course I would have expected more solutions as well.

I have been in the position myself where my back troubles were increasing and all my physio and GP could say was that it came with getting older and I had to get used to it!...

NO WAY! I did not want to get used to it, I am now pain free again, because rather than learning to live with my pains I chose to DO SOMETHING ABout them and finish my back troubles.

Who cares if main stream medical thinking says you are suffering from nonspecific back pain, I will quickly tell you the cause of your troubles, and I will also tell you why these things are so hard to diagnose for most docs.

If there is no known cause of back pain, it is next to impossible to offer the proper targeted help, other than to order rest and prescription of muscle relaxing or anti-inflammatory medication and pain killers.

Now I'm here to tell your that even though there are no causes according to most doctors, be assured there almost always certainly are discernible causes for your nonspecific back problems, they are just not always visible on an MRI scan.

On the Beatingbackpain.com site, you will learn how to investigate what could be the cause of your particular complaints. And, of course, what you yourself can do about them. We do not mean this site to be a doagnostic tool, we advice everyone to consult a doctor when you are suffering from a medical condition. Was it the lawyer next door that made me say that? But really, how about you educate yourself and become a partner that must be reckoned with regarding the route to take forward with your back troubles?

Doesn't the Old Book say that the wise seek counsel?...

So let's look a bit further at back pain and more specific at lower back pain. Where does it come from? What types of lower back pain are there and what are the symptoms? What causes it? Then we will look at several different methods of treatment.

So first, let's discuss in some more detail the phenomenon of lower back pain...