Herniated Discs, Are You A Patient Or A Customer?..

Why Is My Back Hurting

Robert Feddes

In this article you will discover ways to turn yourself into the best possible person you can be for YOUR health. You will learn what you can do to turn doctors into advisors who – from their expertise and knowledge – provide you the pros and cons of different available options, so YOU can make the best decisions regarding YOUR health…

A patient is a passive subject, a customer takes action, is inquisitive, asks for advice and comes to a decision about what to do…

When we buy a house or a car, we are probably all picky customers who know what we want…

Then why is it that when we have back pain, herniated or bulging discs or sciatica, we act like sheep who expect the doctor to take care of everything?…

You may read things on this website that make you ask: ‘but why didn’t my GP tell me this?’ or: ‘why isn’t this used much more often?’

All these are valid questions that I can partly answer but not completely. But rather than blaming the docs or the medical industry, maybe we should grow up and take responsibility for not asking more questions ourselves. Before something can change, something has to change…

And if you wait for others to change, you might not be around to witness that change…

But what if you decide to change and become an agent of change yourself? How about you get in the driver’s seat? Read on and allow me to tickle your brain a bit…

Anyone can understand that an industry, built around surgical and medical procedures, is constantly on the lookout for ways to speed up and improve on existing procedures. That is why surgical techniques are constantly improving.

Someone once said: “give a child a hammer and it just so happens that everything needs banging”…

But not every herniated disc needs surgery! And disc surgery is definitely not always in your best interest.
Herniated Disc Surgery

Herniated disc surgery is surgery, whichever way you look at it, and surgery is an invasion in your body. Ofcourse it is good that surgical procedures are being developed that seek to minimize the invasion part of the procedure. Hence the term minimally invasive procedure… But invasion it is! And wouldn’t it be great if we could get rid of all herniated disc troubles, without any surgery at all?

But I wonder how the same medical industry that performs surgery and is specialized in surgery, could ever benefit from a solution outside that medical industry. Solutions that require no surgery at all, wouldn’t that mean joblosses for surgeons? How would surgeons then earn their living? Is it realistic to expect neurosurgeons to develop non-surgical solutions to disc problems?

One cannot blame the medical industry, because any industry is only as mature as its customers. And a good thing of this day and age is that information is so richly available through the internet. This abundance of information enables us to be informed about what we want and don’t want. All that’s needed is just some googling to check pro’s and cons of any suggested method of treatment.
Herniated Disc Surgery – You Decide What Happens To Your Body

I believe you have to transform from back patient into customer. A patient sits down, does as the doctor tells him and prescribes him. A customer expects the best for himself and wants to be informed about pro’s and cons. A customer wants to make a choice between the available options, based upon reliable information.

Most people are just patients, so my first suggestion is that you come out of the patient’s chair and take a seat in the customer’s chair, make sure you know how your back works, and be well advised when you speak with potential suppliers of products or services intended to improve your health.

Hey, it’s your body, you have only one, and I believe it can last you 90 years without any significant problems. But if you use it wrongly, things will go wrong.
Your Disc Herniation Has A Cause

Take a car tire…designed to last an average of 60,000 kilometers, but if you hit the sidewalk too hard, your wheel may get out of balance and if you don’t do anything about that, your tire will be worn out on several spots after only 10,000 kilometers, while other spots will still be good.

When your tires are misaligned, it will dramatically decrease the lifetime of your tires.

It is the same with intervertebral discs. They are designed to serve your body a lifetime. But they have to be properly aligned in your body between your vertebrae.

If your vertebrae are slanting a little, your discs will not last a lifetime!

Fortunately there is a big difference between tires and your body. Rubber tires cannot heal themselves. Once rubber is gone, it will not come back.

This is different in your body. Your body is capable of regrowing tissue, also in your intervertebral discs… So you can work on healing a bad situation in your body.

There is a reason that discs protrude under pressure, and it is important for you to do something about that. But for starters, it is questionable whether your pain is caused by that protruding disc.

Besides that, it is not at all clear to me how surgically removing the protruding tissue is doing something about the cause of this protrusion in the first place.
Herniated Discs – What You Can Do Yourself

Let me cut to the chase: your intervertebral disc protrudes because your vertebrae are not aligned properly. Your body itself is capable of removing the protruding tissue. But you have to make sure that your vertebrae get re-aligned again.

Your vertebrae ended up in a wrong position because certain muscle groups in your body ‘are on holiday’. It goes like this: If you don’t use your muscles, they will quickly lose the ability to work properly. Take for example somebody who has been in bed sick for half a year, he really has to reactivate all his muscles.

Now, for the most of us, our daily routine lacks enough movement. By this I mean that we very often use only a fraction of our muscles. The Americans say about muscles: use it or lose it. So either you use your muscles, or you lose the ability to use them.

Now imagine that the cause of a bulging or herniated disc is a wrong positioning of the vertebrae, because certain muscles are no longer powerful enough to keep the vertebrae in the right position. And then explain to me how surgery could ever solve this! Herniated Disc Surgery can never be the real solution, right?
Beatingbackpain.com – Natural Cure For Herniated Discs

You can improve the natural healing process of a disc herniation by making sure that your vertebrae are properly aligned. Your muscles play an important part in this all. Moreover, simple posture techniques are essential, because if your posture is not OK, too much pressure is exerted on your intervertebral discs. Finally, natural healing of your discs will benefit from finding a way of removing the pressure from your vertebrae.

All of the following 3 things you will find in Beatingbackpain’s Total Program:

    exercises to activate the right back muscles so your body can more easily heal your discs
    proven techniques to adapt a proper posture so as take the pressure of your discs
    special DIY natural decompression exercises to take the pressure of your vertebrae and discs to speed up your disc healing!

Ofcourse it is not only misalignment that causes disc troubles, but this article was about turning you into a customer, looking for the best possible information about options YOU have to get rid of all your back troubles, including your herniated disc, protruded disc, or bulging disc. It does not matter what name you use for your disc troubles, it is time for you to take control and find the best way forward to get rid of your back troubles.

If you are looking for more information on the causes of disc degeneration or disc herniation, please also check the article on How To Heal Your Herniated Discs – Naturally!

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