Degenerative Disc Disease And The Myth Of Worn Out Spinal Discs

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Robert Feddes

OK, so you are diagnosed with “worn out discs” or maybe they called it “degenerative disc disease”… and there you are, nothing can be done about it, right?…


And if I were you, I’d like a second opinion, and if you stay on this page a little longer, you will get one – yours truly’s – for free. An opinion, by the way, that is based on solid scientific research AND experience in application of  results of that research.
There Is No Such Thing As Worn Out Discs…
And There Is No Degenerative Disc Disease either….

As if the results of you mistreating your discs should be called a disease…

…ooops, getting ahead of myself here, hang on, let me explain…

…I do not believe in worn out discs – as a beyond recovery diagnosed lost end station – nor do I believe in degenerative disc disease – as a ‘now you just accept and try to live with it – type of thing’.

What I do believe in however, is a body that is so much out of its natural balance, that your invertebral discs can no longer be fixed and healed fast enough by your own body.

If that is what you mean by worn out discs, or degenerative disc disease, then I am with you…
Your Body Knows How To Heal Your Pain Inflamed Discs

Rest assured: your body WANTS to heal your intervertebral discs…

And please take note: your body CAN heal your intervertebral discs…

…if the above is true, then why do you still have complaints, you might ask?…

That is easily explained by the role You play in the healing process: you either hinder or help the healing. And the choice is really yours!

If you keep on doing what you’ve been doing so far, your discs will most likely just deteriorate further… Till one day you are told you now need herniated disc surgery or maybe even fusion of a couple of vertebrae…

But if you choose to change a few things, your back and discs and your whole life in fact will benefit from that. Your body is waiting for you to listen up and take action to help heal your discs…
It is not a disease that happened to your discs…

It is how you have been treating your discs each and every day, that is what made them miserable. And it is what you are going to do different from now on in a number of areas of your life that is going to help your ‘rubbed raw discs’ get better first and then totally well again.
Are You Still Killing All Chances Of Natural Healing Of Your Discs?

You need to simply understand what you have been doing that is so hard on your discs. Your eyes need to be opened to see the little daily postural, dietary and behavioral mistakes you are probably still making each day, quietly destroying all chances for natural healing of your discs…

Cause like compound interest, small postural, dietary and behavioral mistakes really add up over time, till in the end there is nothing left of the natural healing power of your body to focus on your pain inflamed discs.

But fortunately once you understand what to do, there is a solid basis to change the downward trend of your disc health and help your body restore your discs to a youthful and healthy state again.
Remember how it once felt?

When all was still good with your back?….

You can help your back regain that pain-free & healthy state. You body is asking for your help by the signals of pain and misery you have been receiving…

Here’s one crucial thing to know about your worn out discs:

Your discs need building blocks to come into them and your discs need to get rid of waste material like the damaged cells that need replacing. And your body uses two processes to get the necessary building blocks in and the waste and other materials out.

Your discs are made of special tissue and this tissue by itself already needs some special care to stay healthy. Disc tissue is a bit outside the normal circulation systems of your body. And if you are not careful, your discs will not get the circulation they need and dry out…

That is why our creator designed two special mechanisms to keep your discs healthy.

And these two mechanisms that keep your discs healthy, need both rest and movement.

But for most of us daily life no longer contains enough of the right moves that will promote disc healing, and once the state of your back is beyond a certain point, it sort of cramps up on itself and gets stiff. Once this happens your back and discs find it harder and harder to get the rest they also need to restore fully. Talk about a downward spiral…

So let me tell you the Number One thing to do to break the downward trend and turn the healing powers back on…
Do Some Special Worn Out Disc Exercises

Make sure you add some good healing moves to your daily regimen, your body needs them!

You can probably find lots of exercises for free all over the internet so that should not be too much of a problem, in fact we took stock ourselves of lots that is available and found there definitely are exercises for backs in trouble around – not only did we take stock of free exercises, but we probably bought every paid exercise that is available out there as well.

And after we took full stock we had a good and thorough look at all the exercises and found most exercises just missing the essence at some crucial points.

There is lots of exercises out there that help you move more, but once your body is in a cramped state, most exercises just will not do you any good…
5 Things To Look For in Back & Bulging Disc Exercises:

1- exercises to relax, decompress & and quietly stretch your spine – hard to find.

2- exercises to promote circulation around your spine – easy to find and probably most will do.

3- exercises to restore core strength of the deeper lying muscles around your spine – moderately hard to find the ones that target the right muscles, but not impossible.

4- exercises that release the tension and trauma that is stored by your body in the myofascial tissues of your body – Next to impossible to find.

5- posture improvement exercises so you take away the postural causes of your so-called degenerative disc disease troubles – moderately easy to find but difficult to find good program for free.

Most exercises out there focus on stretching and strengthening of the larger superficial muscles, and that is just not what is needed. In the article Secrets To A Healthy Spine To Get You(r) Back In Shape you will read which muscles to target with exercises to promote core strength and stability.

If you want to boost the healing of your discs you must focus on the first category of exercises above, you need your back to relax and decompress and then stretch it before you do anything else. And because these exercises are so hard to find, we decided to develop our own set.

In my book “the Dutch Decompression Routine”, you will read all about them. In it you’ll learn a set of very relaxed and simple exercises to pamper your discs and to enable you to do again whatever you want. After all, your back is designed to last a life time, including practicing nice sports.

In that same book you will also find a bit more information that goes beyond the scope of this current article, aimed at more causes of intervertebral disc problems. There is always a cause to back problems, and maybe you are trying to work on the symptoms, maybe you are taking anti-inflammatory drugs, or muscle relaxants, or whatever else.
Close Down The Well Of Back Troubles

Most back pain remedies are as good as useless as long as they only focus on the symptoms. That is why I want to take you to the source of your back problems and close down your ‘well of back troubles’. Close down the well and I bet you that your complaints will quickly dry up…

One way to close down the well is by taking away the postural causes of your back troubles. Like said before, postural mistakes really add up over time and can do a lot of damage, but fortunately this is an area that can be easily corrected.

In my Guard Your Posture Checklist you will learn an automatic pilot way of taking away the postural causes of your disc troubles.

But let me get back to why I wrote this article: to kill the myth of the worn out discs. To instill faith in your heart that something can be done about your situation. Because that is what your discs need: for you to believe that something can still be done.

Your back and discs are not helped by you giving up hope…

And I wish to encourage you, so you dare believe and hope for better times ahead. Times without back problems, times to do whatever you want without your back bothering you. If that is what you want, then this site is for you.

If you were looking for confirmation that no improvement is possible for you, then I sure hope to disappoint you…. Because here you’ll find things things that work, but you will not do anything until you believe in it. It may sound harsh, but history shows time and time again that improvements are for them that work on things, sometimes against all odds. Our bodies are marvelously created with incredible capacity to recover, but somehow our faith has to be activated first.

So, please use the info on this page to your advantage and if you want to jumpstart your personal disc healing, feel free to check out my books at my risk (they can be on your computer in minutes). Of course they are covered by a generous money back guarantee.

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