Bulging Discs Healing – 3 Tips – How To Heal Disc NATURALLY

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Robert Feddes

3 Tips – How To Heal A Bulging Disc NATURALLY

If you want a natural solution for your herniated or bulging disc, this page is for you…

Because here you’ll find the results of my 8 year long research into natural bulging disc healing. My name is Robert Feddes and I used to suffer from bulging disc symptoms myself, but not anymore! I found a natural solution and will gladly pass it on to you.

How To Heal Bulging Discs?

Please don’t fall for trying to mask your symptoms or only fixing your bulging disc condition, if you can also get full restoration of health to your discs…

Your body wants to heal your bulging or herniated discs, but needs your help before it can fully cure your herniated or bulging disc.

A disc herniation is a wound – on the inside of your body…

And your body is equipped with the power to repair and heal wounds…

We know what to do to speed up the healing of wounds on the outside of our body…

…Clean, desinfect and protect, then give it rest to heal.

A herniated or protruded disc also needs care and attention. There are things you can do to speed up healing. But also things that make healing almost impossible. It’s just that most people haven’t got a clue what to do to cure this wound – the herniation – in a natural way, or what to stop doing…

Stop Hammering Your Pain Inflamed Discs!

The medical term for herniated disc – Hernia Nuclei Pulposi (HNP) – gives both insight and shows the direction to look for the solution. Because Hernia means breakthrough, nuclei stems from nucleus which means core and pulposi means pulp-like…

So a disc herniation is simply a rupture in the disc through which the core of the intervertebral disc comes out…

If you hit your thumb with a hammer and blood is gushing out, you have a wound… which cannot heal if you keep hammering it.

Your body can only repair the disc herniation completely and permanently when and if you first get rid of the cause. In other words: you need to stop hammering your discs! So let’s look at the real cause of your herniated disc…

Why Sneezing Should NEVER Cause Disc Herniation

Sometimes a herniated disc develops through a sudden cause. You’ll notice immediately that something is wrong in your back. For instance while sneezing, coughing, turning, heavy lifting, a shock or a fall. A sharp, usually very local pain that may radiate to the legs. Sometimes it comes with a severe reaction of cramp in your back. If there is a clear discernible moment on which the herniated disc problems becomes manifest, we call this an…
Acute Herniated Disc Pain – Really?…

In this case we think that the herniation arose acutely, but nothing could be further from the truth…

What I mean is this: surely it must be possible to simply sneeze without your disc rupturing, bulging or herniating?…

That something as ordinary as sneezing, lifting or turning would cause your disc to protrude, is not normal and is an indication that something was already wrong with this disc.

Your Herniated Disc Was Already Chronically Troubled

The real cause of most herniated discs is wear and tear and/or chronic maltreatment of your discs. And this you can do something about!

In the so called chronic herniated disc cases, the herniation only becomes manifest rather gradually – you experience more and more complaints more and more often – and it seems to have a different cause than the acute herniated disc, but that is misleading.

Therefore we better distinguish between the way symptoms of herniated discs become manifest, and the actual causes of the disc herniation itself which are responsible for the manifestation of the bulging discs in the first place.

The Real Cause Of Herniated or Bulging Discs

A herniated disc is the result of neglecting the health of your intervertebral discs, and if you do that long enough, one person develops complaints upon a sudden occasion (coughing, sneezing, turning, lifting etc.), while another person will notice a gradual increase of his or her complaints. But in both cases the problems can only arise if the intervertebral disc has been weakened.

Obviously I am not talking about for instance a severe car accident, where forces can occur that are so extreme that otherwise healthy discs can instantly get damaged.

So all you now need is understand how a disc can get weaker and what you can do to stop and reverse this process. Because what can weaken, can also strengthen again. And something that is injured, can often completely heal again.

So let’s look at where in your body most herniated discs occur and what symptoms they are associated with, then we will look at what you can do to help your body cure your herniation itself.

Symptoms Of Herniated or Bulging Discs

In practice, a spinal disc herniation only seldom leads to problems in the lower back itself, but usually to complaints in other parts of the body. Radiating pain, loss of function, your back cramping up, your posture changes, you change your way of standing, walking and moving, a numb feeling in one of your legs, or a tingling sensation in your foot, all of these can be connected with a bulging or herniated disc.

Most herniated discs occur in the lower part of your back, the so called lumbar section. Nerves that run to your lower body, legs and feet, come from the lumbar vertebrae.

That is why a protruding disc, pressing against a nerve in this section, can cause pain and complaints in the entire area that is controlled by this nerve. This explains why a herniated disc can even cause a tingling sensation in your foot.

Why So Many Herniated Discs In Lumbar Back?

Almost anything we do results in pressure on the lower part of the back. Simply because it is the lower back that connects the whole upper torso through the pelvis with the legs that carry the whole. Of course your back is designed to cope with all this pressure, provided you deal with it the proper way…

…and that’s where it often goes wrong…

Which brings us to the heart of the matter. If you use your body, you should do it with the right posture so that all forces and pressure are evenly divided over the entire surface of every intervertebral disc. If you divide the pressure evenly, the discs can handle a lot and last a lifetime…

Bulging Discs – Accidents Waiting To Happen?

But if you do not divide the pressure on your back equally over the whole surface ot your invertebral discs, but allow it to focus on just one or two spots, then these spots will eventually just have to collapse and give in…

…If you sit at your desk for hours each day or keep lifting stuff, all with the wrong posture, that’s when YOU put unequal pressure on YOUR intervertebral discs. And if you do this too long or too often, you’ re a bulging disc accident just waiting to happen.

Sitting or working for long periods with wrong posture, will surely ruin intervertebral discs…

…if you keep doing that, you block all chances of natural recovery from herniated disc troubles…

…and you increase the chance of your herniated discs coming back after surgery…

Disc troubles are not only posture related, your diet and the amount of movement in your life also play a role…

…The strength and health of the muscles around the core of your spine play a massively important role as well. Healthy discs need a healthy back and for your back to be healthy, especially the deeper lying core muscles of your back need to be strong, actively engaged and supple. There is much more to say about this, but let me move on to…

Natural Bulging Discs Healing – 3 Tips

Tip #1 For Natural Bulging Discs Healing: Maintain Ample Circulation

Make sure you create enough circulation around your spine. Ample circulation automatically means supply of all the necessary oxygen and nutrients that are needed for natural healing. The same circulation also helps remove waste. This eases and speeds up the healing process of your herniated discs. But most people stop moving just because moving is too painful, but all our research shows that moving is the one thing your body NEEDS. But we understand the pain part, that is why you will need some special bulging disc exercsies. The best bulging disc exercises are focused on restoring circulation to your injured discs, while at the same time limiting pain and relaxing your cramped muscles around the damaged area of your back. NO fanatical stretch exercises, but a sophisticated program of special and simple exercises.

Tip #2 For Natural Bulging Discs Healing: Correct Your Posture

Deal with the posture related causes of your bulging disc troubles! Each and every bulging disc HAS a cause. Your disc herniation IS NOT a disease, in most cases it is just the logical and inevitable result of putting your discs under prolonged pressure due to some minor postural mistakes that you are – probably unknowingly – making. But what you don’t know, can and will certainly hurt you! That is why you must find a simple way to correct your posture. Our research confirms that it has to be simple else people will give up long before they ever reap the benefits…

Tip #3 For Natural Bulging Discs Healing: Natural Decompression Techniques

Then lastly: you need to learn how to remove pressure from your discs and give them room to recover and get back in the right spot and position. Why? Because research shows that spinal decompression definitely works. And our Beatingbackpain.com research was focused on finding natural decompression techniques. We therefore looked at traditional cultures for natural body wisdom that could help alleviate pressure on bulging discs. We fortunately found what we were looking for and are happy to report that it is possible to use nothing but ancient body wisdom that you can apply to your back so your discs get more room to heal. If you know where to look for it you will be able to benefit from the natural body wisdom from different parts of the world and once you make the adjustments you will find that your body will speed up it’s healing process of your bulging discs.

Your back & bulging discs are made to last you a lifetime without problems. If you take good care of your back, your back will take good care of you!

Good luck with the natural healing of your herniated disc!

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