Sciatic Nerve Pain is a condition that far too many people still needlessly suffer from..

Needlessly because it can be treated so easily in most of the cases. And you do not need pain medication to do so!

What you do need before anything else, is make sure that it is nerve pain your are suffering from...

How To Diagnose Sciatic Nerve Pain

Here's a short video that shows a small test you can do yourself to see if it is your sciatica nerve that is bothering you.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatic Nerve Pain is more often referred to as Sciatica. This type of pain is connected with irritation of the sciatic nerve.

And sciatica is just a term that is used to describe symptoms of pain in the whole area that is being serviced by the longest nerve in your body: the sciatic nerve.

Your sciatic nerve exits your spine in the lower back, then runs through your buttock down the back of your leg and it sort of meanders down and out all the way to the bottom of your feet.

Sciatic Nerve Pain - Symptoms, Causes And Treatments...

To rid yourself of sciatica you first need to make certain that your symptoms match. Next you need to have a look at the possible causes, before you zoom in on the cause of your particular instance of sciatic pain.

Now here's the good news: in most cases where people get a clear view of what caused their sciatic nerve pain to develop, treatment most of the time was easy.

To help you get pain free again, please check below. You'll find more information about everything related to sciatic nerve pain: the symptoms, the causes and the best treatments as well.

Amongst the causes of sciatica you see herniated and bulging discs mentioned, but maybe I should only call them related conditions, because as you'll find in those articles, it remains yet to be seen whether they are truly the cause of sciatica pain.

You also see pregnancy mentioned, because for women, pregnancy can be the onset of sciatic pains and fortunately there are things you can do in those cases as well.

Wishing you speedy progress and fast return to a life without sciatic nerve pain.