If you are pregnant AND suffering from sciatic pains, this page is for you, because here you will learn what most likely is causing your pains, IT's Probably NOT What You Have Been Told...

Pregnancy & Sciacica

I have seen my wife pregnant 5 times and was there each and every time one of our kids were born. And I must say, delivering a baby into this world has got to be the hardest work I have ever seen anyone do!

Now my wife was fortunate never to suffer from sciatica pains, but statistics tell us that lots of women, especially later in pregnancy, really get hit hard with sciatic pains. And as a tribute to any pregnant lady out there, I hope to write in such a way that you understand what could be causing your pains and even more importantly, what to do about it.

Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy Caused By Uterus Compressing Your Sciatic Nerve?..

I honestly don't think so!