For the sake of Full Disclosure we offer you the following information.

We are happy to tell you that we regularly receive emails with glowing success stories, which we often post on our website.

When we receive bitter complaints and requests for refunds, we do not post them on our website.

When we receive emails with thanks for courteous and prompt refunds, we might post them on our website.

Content of emails that is posted on our website has not been edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling or style. It might be truncated, in case of which we aim to leave the geste and intent of the email intact.

Because our programs have so far been sold in 93 countries and in different languages, we also receive emails in other languages than english. It could therefore happen that posted stories of users on this website have been translated from their original languages.

In our programs we ask people to send us their story if they like. We sometimes send out emails to sollicit users of our programs for their stories and feedback. We will and have at times offered access to new or updated versions of our programs in return for these stories.

We have never taken surveys to find out what our customers' average result of using our programs is; we do not know what "the average result" is.

Our customers are people with different physical situations and conditions that we do not know of. Back Pain, Sciatica, Bulging Discs and other back and neck conditions can result from a number of causes and people could suffer from a multitude of other conditions or influences, each having effects on their condition and situation.

Because of all the physical, psychological, health and other differences of people, it is impossible to say what results to expect on average.

The results experienced by people in our testimonials are not what you should expect to experience. We have not examined the medical conditions and other influencing factors of the people in these testimonials. The results mentioned in our testimonials are not typical, and your results, if any, will vary and there is a risk you will not have any positive results at all. Hey, you could even get negative results.

It is our honest opinion that our program can and often does help, but to what extent, we can not say with certainty.

Yet in the interest of full disclosure, here is the entire scope of our customers' successes and failures.

  • We estimate that the bottom 20% of our customers DO NOTHING. They buy, but sometimes do not even download their material, or they just store the material somewhere on their computer or on their bookshelf. They do not read it, do not listen to it, do not watch it, do not benefit from it. The number of people who do nothing may be more or less than 20%, heck, it could even be 50%.
  • the next 60% DO LITTLE, maybe read or listen or watch a little bit, maybe flip through, maybe get some ideas. We do believe these people get some benefit from that. For example they may buy an ebook, read it and decide to move more, but nothing else. They will then receive some benefit because of their increased moving.

This, we believe, is what the TYPICAL customer gets.

  • We estimate that the top 20% of our buyers REALLY TAKE ACTION. These people take the information and program serious, they read, listen, watch and apply. They go through our material and take time to find out what exactly caused their troubles, they read at least through an ebook and try some of the exercises. It is our estimation that this group of people will at least have some short term effects of the program, enough to save them a couple of visits to the doctor or chiropractor. Their investment of $ 49.95 or $ 79 or $ 197 easily pays itself back. But even some of these people, upon lack of quick results, might give up and look for something else.
  • We guess that 10% MAKE IT A HABIT. They don't just do this until their pain symptoms subside. They go further, they seek to discover what things in their lifestyles, habits or daily activities have been causing their troubles and they focus on changing those and add some good exercises or other activities to their lives, they learn which exercises work for them, they learn to change their posture so their discs have less chance of bulging or wearing out, they make dietary adjustments to support the healing processes in their bodies, they start and end their day with the Dutch Decompression Routine, and they make it a habit to do daily activities with the Guard Your Posture Checklist in mind, they develop their muscles evenly so the pulling forces on their spines are in balance. They exercise to strenghten the deeper lying muscles that provide core stability during daily activities. We probably receive LOTS of testimonials from these people.
  • An estimated 5% of our buyers do all of the above plus they learn the role stress and food play in their pain levels, they take time to re-evaluate their lives and take their back troubles as an important signal of their bodies asking them to stop and listen. Not only are they focused on getting lasting effects by working on the physical side of things, they also dare to look at the psychological and even spiritual side of pain. They look inside and learn to deal with some of the deeper issues of their lives that make their bodies hurt.
  • Finally we estimate that 2% do all of the above, but if they do not get results, they mail us and ask questions, or they buy additional programs, from us or others, they just do not stop until they know what caused their troubles and how to end their troubles. Some buy access to our Online Back Coaching Program, in which we seek to help them further in their personal quest to relieve their pains.

More disclosure: just because you are a top 20% or top 10% or top 5% or top 2% implementor does NOT guarantee success. Even the most committed students of how to get rid of pain can and do fail. Some may fail to see results for months on end. This could be because it just might be the wrong exercise regime for them, others fail because of faulty execution of exercises or wrong habits they just can not get rid of, there are many reasons why people could fail to get results. But: they look at all this to learn new lessons and they keep going until they find what works for them.

Some people will feel increased pains upon starting the program. Some of them will stop doing just those exercises that cause more pain, and keep doing others and later come back to try the ones that earlier on caused extra pain, some to find they can now do these exercises without pain, others to find out these exercises still cause pain.

And some people who feel increased pain, stop alltogether.

Some of the testimonials we get are from people who have just done the exercises once or a few times and feel immediate results, these are really exceptional.

Some of the testimonials are from people who just kept on doing exercises and other things and got no results at first, but kept going and over time saw results, sometimes even after months of trudging on.

The title of our program is Back Pain GOODBYE!. This is NO GUARANTEE that your pain will be gone after you buy the program, nor do we guarantee you to be free of pain after applying the principles of the program.

We CAN and DO NOT GUARANTEE success. We just promise that we will deliver the best know how we can, that this know how is actionable and shows results (negative or positive).

We believe and live by the credo Facing The Challenge, and we believe that if your challenge is back pain, there is value in trying to figure out what YOU or who- or what-ever else did to you that got you into trouble AND to learn what YOU can do to get out of trouble again.

Not everyone who buys on this site is succesfull in ridding themselves of pains. Not everything we talk about will work. But when you do get results, please thank yourself, cause YOU took action.

Oh and by the way, people could ask us to review their products, we have not done that yet, we might in the future.

IF we write about other products and point you to their websites, we might receive compensation for that. If we write about other products and services, and you are in doubt about that, just assume that we are getting paid and giving you biased information.

IF we endorse a product or service on our website, it will only be from people we trust and about products we like.

Wishing you the very best!