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From the desk of:
Back Pain, Sciatica & Bulging Disc Expert
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Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

This page is addressed to every man and woman who now suffers from the agonizing - and now completely unnecessary - torture of back pain, however caused!...

It makes no difference what you call this back pain - sciatica ... sacroiliac ... low back pain ... even bulging or herniated discs ...!

No matter what its cause, this agony can be treated by you yourself! Can be drained out of your body by you yourself! And can be replaced by glowing, pain free good health - all by yourself, following the simple new revolutionary home treatment given you by one of the internet's foremost specialists of back troubles - a former sufferer himself.

If you have been through anything and everything to get rid of your pains, yet still found no permanent relief...

If you have been through the conventional medical system with your back pain with no satisfaction...

If you have had many physical treatments (such as heat, massage, manipulation, physical therapy, etc.) all to no avail...

If you are suffering from acute back pains, or have been suffering for years already...

If any of the above is true for you, you have come to the right place, because...

You’re About To Discover
How To Correct Your Own Back Troubles

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Pain Of Decades

Gone The First Time

“You've made a believer out of me”

I just don't write things like this , but I have to tell that, as a physician and surgeon, I was more than doubtful that your program had the answer to my back that has plagued me for decades following multiple traumas.

Yet I've got to tell you that using those exercises for the first time ... the pain was gone. Of course, the next day I can feel it gradually returning, but I now know that completing your set of exercises will once again free me of that chronic pain.
You've made a believer of me.


.. And I Never Planned To Become The Internet's Foremost
Back Pain, Sciatica & Bulging Disc Expert...

Here’s my story…

I still remember that one early morning in December 2002... As I reached over to pick up my shirt... all of a sudden my back popped...


... it felt like a semi trailer hit me and my back immediately froze and felt like poored in solid concrete, I could not move up or down, left or right...

It had happened before, but this time it was so bad I could not work and as a self-employed father of 5 kids, ages 2 to 12, that made me nervous…

Even so that I tied a rope to my ankles and hung myself upside down from the rafters – desperately trying to find relief

…all to no avail-

Over the years I visited doctors, chiropractors, manual therapists and physiotherapists, but nothing, NOTHING helped or even gave me the slightest sign of lasting relief…

my back troubles were like a boomerang - always returning - and with a vengeance, cause each time the troubles seemed worse and hit me harder…

First I got mad at my doctor and therapists...

Why Could They Not Turn The Tide? Why Did My Troubles
Always Come Back And Even Increase Over Time?
Why Was There No Working Solution For My Troubles?

Then I decided to no longer waste energy on getting angry and in stead
focus that energy on doing something about it…

I set out on a massive information hunt,...

...tracking down any dirty trick that no back doctor or surgeon or physiotherapist ever talked about, that would help me unlock the secret to permanently driving the pains out of my life…

How could I demolish the hindrances to a permanently pain free back?...

...How could I explode my body on a natural healing bout that would heal my pains?...

No doctor or physiotherapist ever told me how to get and stay pain free, that is why I figured that if I wanted a pain free life again, I had to go find my own answers...

So I bought each and every piece of cutting edge back pain research I could lay my hands on…

The end result is that I discovered the unbelievably devastating things we unknowingly do to our backs that just make it impossible for our bodies to rid us of pain…

…AND I found out...

How To Easily Turn The Silenced
Healing Power Of Your Body Back On
And Focus It On Rapid Pain Extinction

Armed with this insider information I was quickly able to change my life. This was finally what I had been looking for, everything fell into place and I immediately knew what to do-

-within days, my back relaxed and let go of all the pains...

It is now 7 years since and my back pains have never come back!

For me, Back Pain is now just a faint memory of the past. I was able to turn my curse into a blessing for myself and many others...

I started to help back pain sufferers
rapidly increase the health of their spines - from bottom to top -
quickly draining all pains from their bodies - never to come back!

Today I am a bestselling author on Natural Back Health Programs - I have bundled my knowledge and experience in 3 books (so far) which are used succesfully in 93 countries already...

My former physiotherapist first laughed at me when I told him I had solved my own back troubles and am now even writing books about it...

...until I showed him the emails I received from all over the world...

And if you know that this back pain self help program makes intelligent use of the NASA 1973 discovery, and that the US Army uses some of these techniques to protect and strengthen the backs of its soldiers as well...

...then emails like the one immeditaly below should no longer surprise you...


Already Scheduled
For Surgery

No Longer Necessary...

Fully Healed!

“surgery now is no longer necessary”

I just thought I have never let you know about the results that came from doing the advised exercises. My girl friend, who was scheduled for herniated disc surgery, if her symptoms would not improve, got great results from doing all exercises even to the extent that surgery now is no longer necessary, she is healed fully after half a year!!!
She keeps doing the exercises and feels this is necessary to strenghten her back.
Would like to thank you that we were able to get this result thanks to you, and that for less than the cost of one visit to her physio!!!!

Kind Regards,
A. Seegers - The Netherlands

Here's what I have for you…

So The Choice Is Up To You! You Can Let
Back Trouble Grow Worse And Worse, Till
It Destroys Your Entire Health! Or You
Can Free Yourself From It With This
One Simple Exercise, And Then Go On
To Watch That New Back Health Produce
Renewed Vigor Over Your Entire Body!


Wish I Found This
One Year Ago

Would Have Saved
Me Surgery...

“Completely gobsmacked by results”

Here is my story.... In December 2005 I crawled to my doctors surgery (literally!) for the fopurth time in two weeks.  I could not straighten my back and could not cough or laugh without excruciating pain.  Finally he put me intouch with a consultant neurosurgeon who ordered an MRI which showed that I had a slipped disk in the lower back and would require surgery.  

He was insistent that surgery was the only cure and would be needed immediately so I agreed to have it done.  Three days later I had a lumber discectomy by keyhole surgery which was deemed a great success.  The pain in my legs was gone as was the excruciating pain in my back.  Now I had only six weeks to wait while the wounds healed and I would be right as rain again.  Six weeks later I was totally healed and delighted with life.

However On December 25th of 2006, I turned in my bed and lo and behold - the same back pain again although perhaps not quite as bad. I took plenty of muscle relaxants and painkillers for that day and the next and since it was the Christmas period and in Ireland everything shuts down for a week I began to look up the internet to see if there was anything I could do for myself.

I found your site and thought that it was worth a go.  On Wednesday Dec 27th I started the exercises and I am completely "gobsmacked" by the results!  I could hardly do the exercises on that day but I took no more pain relief from then to this. I can now do the exercises in half an hour and without any difficulty, I can walk, sneeze, cough and laugh without fear or pain.

 I really wish I had found your site sooner - it would have saved me an operation a year ago.  I will come back to you to let you know if in five weeks I am totally pain free but even with the level of pain I now have I can live a very normal life and that was well woth the few euro I spent on your book.

I thank you so much and wish you luck with your own back which I hope remains pain free!!

Yours sincerely
Imelda Ryan - Ireland

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“Cancel The Surgery”

Here a short note after doing the exercises for two weeks. The first week the improvements were dramatic. The first week's results made a day and night difference.

Next week I have an appointment with my neurologist, but the way things are going now I will cancel the surgery. I don't have pain any more.

I now ready do some running on the treadmill. Most people near me are amazed by the improvement of my health.


Michel Kagenaar - The Netherlands

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In fact if after using my program for a full 60 days you're not enjoying life like you used to... playing with the kids and grandkids... sitting through an entire movie without pain... even dancing again -- then I insist you get a fast and complete refund of your purchase price, no questions asked...

I make this guarantee because you deserve to be able to try this totally risk free.

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Dutch Decompression Routine:

Dutch Decompression Routine
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Dutch Decompression Routine

During my personal hunt for solutions to heal my back, I discovered the benefits of releasing the pressure off the discs of your back.

Spinal Decompression definitely works, BUT

spinal inversion tables are expensive

…spinal decompression by hanging upside down is difficult to do

inverted spinal decompression can have side effects like dizzyness, etc..

The Dutch Decompression Routine is especially developed to give you the exact same benefits as a $500 inversion table, but without the costs and difficulties of having to hang yourself upside down.

  • This is ONE special – Stunningly Easy - exercise that takes the pressure of your ‘over pressured’ and ‘rubbed raw’ discs that play a key role in your pains - so simple and quick, it is almost frightening…
  • In 3 minutes, sitting, standing or lying down, no matter where you are, which means you can now quickly undo years of damage to your back by taking the pressure off your own pain inflamed discs…
  • No need to go anywhere, just do it at your convenience, each time adding to the rest that your back will appreciate and use to drive out your pains faster and faster. Right until your back regains full health allowing you to enjoy life to the full again.
  • Hey, you can even do this last thing at night before you close your eyes to finally get your great night of sleep again, and do it again in the morning after you wake up – this time refreshed and ready for life again…
  • The “Dutch Decompression Routine” is only available on this site, but if you decide now you get access to this unique exercise routine that allows you to focus your body’s natural healing capabilities on rapid healing of your damaged back… even if you are now considering surgery.

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Guard Your Posture Checklist
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How would you like to take on life to the full again, knowing there are old techniques watching & guarding the health of your back?…

…helping you prevent your troubles from reoccurring.

Guard Your Posture

If you want to permanently get rid of your back troubles, The Guard Your Posture Checklist is your definitive guide and go-to checklist.

This is by far the single best resource that you can find for promoting lasting removal of your back pains - NEVER to come
back to haunt you again!

  • If you want to stop the stunningly vicious things you – unknowingly - do to your back, one thing to make sure is that your postural bad habits do not add to the aggravation that holds your body back from healing your pains.
  • The Guard Your Posture Checklist gives you an unbelievably simple method which, once learned, becomes integrated into your everyday life, quietly healing away all postural causes of your back pains.
  • In The Guard Your Posture Checklist you will discover the exact secret that Olympic weightlifters use to guard their backs while lifting the max that man can lift, and you will not even have to lift weights to learn this…
  • You will get insider information about best practices from the field of professional athletics that will give you the ‘automatic pilot way’ to train your body to unstoppably get you into better posture – NO EXERCISES NEEDED…
  • You will learn Forgotten Ancient Body Wisdom Techniques to improve and guard your posture.
  • This is the astonishingly simple “lost” art of body wisdom that keeps back trouble incidences in traditional cultures so much lower than in our so-called civilized Western world…
  • These simple and easy – once you know - “Ancient Body Wisdom” Techniques will quickly drive pain out of your body and gracefully ‘force’ healing on your whole back.

Even if you have tried a variety of different treatment methods, or have previously been exposed to other postural alignment methodologies in an attempt to get rid of your chronic injuries, you will find that nothing is as poignant, simple or direct as this...

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