The Progress Is Amazing

“sometimes totally forget I had back problems!”

You asked me to tell you when my progress started, and YES, it has started!! It has happened before that things went better, but the day would always come that I went back to square one.

But... for the last two or three weeks I have had no more troubles at all. I just don't know what is happening to me. After the last year and a half I had given up hope.

I have been doing your back exercises every day and at first it did not look like anything changed, but now the progress is amazing. If it would only stay like this, I would be so happy! I sometimes totally forget I had back problems!

But I now also forget doing my exercises. I don't even think about them anymore. If I do them again, I find that I can do more of them without any pain at all.  With one or two exercises I still feel a little touchiness, and maybe that will stay.

Wow, I used to have pain in my lower back, I sometimes think... Should I continue with the exercises or do them less, or only some?

Tomorrow I will try for the first time again to ride my racing bike.....

... a local newspaper has even printed an interview with me...

So far about my progress, I still hold my breath if the progress will keep lasting. For now you are my hero, as you will surely understand!

Warm regards,

Anna V O