Disc Slipping Back

“no longer require surgery”

Following a car crash over fifteen years ago, I have been left with a weak back which periodically, during the last decade, has caused me a lot of pain and absence from work. Two years ago, I woke up unable to move (after carrying heavy shopping the previous day!) my back had completely locked and I was in a lot of pain which forced me to go to A & E where I was given morphine and admitted for bed rest.

A scan revealed a 'bulging disc' and the only way I could get back on with my life was by taking heavy duty painkillers which basically 'sonked' me out for most of the day.I was using a walking stick initially, walking sidewards and could not run at all. I was in a lot of pain and my back would just 'cave in' at any given time.

The consultant recommended an operation which I did not find appealing given some of the stories I had heard.

Hence I did some research on the net and came across your sight and subsequently downloaded your booklet. I started doing the exercises straight away, every day before going to work.

My mobility gradually improved and the pain subsided, which enabled me to significantly reduce the painkillers. Following a further scan and appointment it was discovered that the disc was actually gradually slipping back into place naturally on it's own and my consultant felt that the best course of action was to allow this to continue.

Two years on and hundred's of your exercises later I have not experienced a relapse and no longer require surgery to rectify my back problems. I do the exercies every morning without fail and have now combined these with weekly swimming and aqua running sessions. Coming across your web sight definitely saved my back and me from any further severe pain.

I still have 'twitchy' days but the exercises certaintly keep my back in check and of course carrying less shopping!:-))

Thank you very much,


Yvonne Jama