10 Days Exercises Make A Difference

“hope of avoiding surgery”

I have been suffering from painful sciatica for three months. Five weeks ago, after a long car journey, it became much worse. I was put on 4 different strong painkillers and diazepam, but was still in so much agony my doctor nearly admitted me to hospital as an emergency.

Fortunately the pain killers started to work. Two weeks ago my neurosurgeon referred me for an MRI scan.

As I've worked at the hospital for 16 years in intensive care, the neuroradiologist phoned me at home to say I have a big disc prolapse at L4 L5.

I rang my physio, who I have had 10 appointments with over the last three months, who said she did not want to treat me until I've seen my neurosurgeon again, incase it makes it worse.

She advised me to have surgery. I felt very let down and that surgery would be my only choice.

Four days after my scan I started with a gastro intestinal bleed which was probably caused by the voltarol (anti-inflammatory) drug which I had been taking for three months. I had to stop taking it and ended up increasing the codeine I was taking.

In the early hours of the morning to take my mind off the pain I started to surf the net.

Your website appealed to me as it promised I would not need surgery. As a nurse, I am all too aware of the dangers. I have now been doing your exercises for 10 days and feel they are definitely making a difference.

I leave out the first and last, as advised. I cannot do exercise 18 a I can't sit cross legged. I also find exercise 6 difficult to understand and consequently do. The rest I am able to do nearly all the repetitions.

You have given me the confidence to move my back in ways I would have been too afraid to do before. I have now come off 3 of the 4 painkillers with your help and the help of a TENS machine.

I am recommending your book to fellow back pain sufferers. Your book has given me hope of avoiding surgery.

Thank you

Jane Platt