Love The First Exercise

“Hoping to grow old gracefully”

I think your book is great.

I want to tell you about myself. I'm 64yrs old, in 1989 I fell at work, and I fractured my pelvic bone, dislocated my rotators cuff and ruptured two discs at L 4&5. In 1993 I finally had surgery. I have two four in. plates and five screws.

The Dr. did cortisone injections in my shoulder every six months, for two yrs. I never had a problem after that.

They wanted to rebrake and set my pelvic bone, I would have had to stay in the hospital for six months in a body cast, so I said no. It healed by it self and I never had a problem with it. After the back surgery I did great, until 2006 I started getting lower back pain and pain going down my left leg.

I get injections once a yr. in my lower back and I take morphine pills four times a day. In 2008 I went for an MRI and CT.

I have two herniated discs at L 2&3 and the start of scoliosis. I was told to put off surgery for as long as possible, because in the future I'll be handicapped.

I'm following everything in your book, I'm down to two morphine pills a day and feeling good.

Wither or not I have surgery I will always be doing the exercises in your book. I'm hoping to grow old gracefully. I will keep in touch, and let you know how I'm doing, love the first exercise.

Thank you

Lois Hamilton