My Back Would Pop Out Again And Again

“glad I no longer have these terrible “pains” in my body”

It is now almost 2 months ago that I downloaded your information on back pain. Ever since 2007 I have been suffering from recurring back pains, my back would pop out again and again, exactly like you mention that on your site, sometimes every second week.

Around christmas things got really bad. On christmas day we had our whole family over for christmas dinner. This year I did not get much pleasure out of it. I could hardly walk or move, let alone sit and get up again. I somehow made it through the day alternating walking and sitting on a wooden stool and all of our family went home with wellfilled stomachs and quite content.

I was really fed up with it. Visiting our GP was out of the question cause he was on holidays. So I decided to go on the web and find out what caused my troubles. Terrible pains in my lower back, radiating to my right buttock, -groin and –leg. After some surfing I landed on your site and I recognised many things. After reading everything I started understanding more about my back. I do sedentary work and never realised that this could cause such bad problems for my back.

I decided to try the back exercises and ordered your digital book and thought that if it would not work I would find out soon enough. If it would not help and my complaints would not decrease, than something else must be the matter and I would visit my GP.

I have done the exercises for 6 weeks daily and after that about 4 times per week.

Within one week after commencing I felt considerable improvement. At this moment my back pain is gone and I can clearly feel that everything is more supple now.

It also does not feel like my back is ‘on edge’ anymore. Every once in a while it seems to get a bit stiff again and I get this nagging feeling running through my buttock and leg. But it also quickly goes again when I do the exercises.

On top of this it works well for my shoulder and other back complaints. I am working 4 days a week – lots of computerwork, so I also suffered from shoulder and neck pain and resulting headaches. When I exercise regularly, I also hardly suffer from this anymore either.

It is all very pleasant, I feel much more fit and am glad I no longer have these terrible “pains” in my body.
I can really recommend this book for people with similar complaints. If your complaints do not go away it is important to have further examinations, but I am convinced these exercises are good for everyone, even for people who are not suffering (yet) from back aches.

Kind regards

Miep Wilms
The Netherlands