My Back Is Healed

“My miracle this year”

thanks for your book, its really my miracle this year. i have know back pain for more than four years now the pain killers couldnt even work. i have seeen many doctors am told its athritis i can always live with pain killers, now i was wating t go for MRI coz of the peristent problem. I believe you pray for me and this far, my back is healed. only a week and i can bend walk straight and sleep at night using the magic bullet its really it.

I almost all though some are very difficult for me, no 9 is very hard, no 14 and 15 its hard but i manage to do all.

My best is no 17, no 1 and no 6. in that order.

I will make sure i do them continously for five weeks and i will keep you updated.
Thanks again i thank God for you

Josphine Kagunda