I had back troubles for years

“I now feel the best I have been in years”

I went to the doctor and the physio looking for answers, and also got orthotics for my shoes. Back in September 2008 I found that I was in severe pain with trouble walking - I had ruptured a disc (L3/L4) in my lower back. I was advised that I needed to take 6 weeks off work, mostly laying on my back. I searched the internet and found your book. I bought it and began following the advise - yes, even the cod liver oil. I took 6 weeks to recover, but during the recovery process I did the back exercises every morning. I now feel the best I have been in years. I continue to be very active and I do the exercises every morning (or at least 6 mornings a week).

I am a 45 year old who is active and fit. I enjoy riding my road bike and ride with friends on the weekend (usually a 60km ride on a Sunday morning). I had back troubles for years. I would find that I had back pain after a 1 hour drive, and I could not bend and touch my toes from a standing position (I couldn't reach past my knees with straight legs).

I now have no appreciable back pain in my life. I have referred some of my friends to the website and I am more than willing to refer others. I think it works!


Michael Booy
Sunny Queensland - Australia