Great For My Problem Thus Far!

“very satisfied with the all the book has to offer”

I did purchase the e-book a couple months back, and have been doing the back exercises almost daily. 

I am finding that they are helping a great deal with my lower back problem(herniated discs and degenerative disc disease). 

I am very satisfied with the all the book has to offer- the information/facts about the anatomy, etc... and of course, most importantly, the exercises themselves. 

They have been great for my problem thus far, and I will continue to do them as long as they continue to bring relief (and I`m sure that will be forever, as I know this is a lifelong problem I will continue to have). 

Thanks for the email, and I look forward to the other e-book when it becomes available...let me know!  

By the way, are you Dutch?  My husband is 100% Dutch (our last name is Van der Kooi)- just curious!  

Thanks again- 

Kate Vander Kooi