I Can Finally Exercise And Walk Again

“Saved from years of misery”

I have just returned from vacation at home in Canada. I took your advise to go to a chiropractor about my back pain and I was floored to find that what the doctors told me about my back in Taiwan was not what was wrong with me.

My chiropractor in Canada took many x-rays plus Thermography which shows nerve function, sEMG (Dysponesis) which shows abnormal muscle/nerve patterns and sEMG which shows patterns of muscle/nerve asymmetry.  The result was old (20 years or more) herniated disks.  My problem was fusing around the L5 disks and narrowing around T4.  

While I was there I had treatments 3 times a week for 4 weeks.  I was advised to take Glucosamine Sulphate for long-term benefits also.  The result is that I can finally exercise and walk again.  I will be looking into going to a pool to swim since it is too hot to walk outdoors in Taiwan in the summer.

Thank you for the great advise. You have saved me from years of misery.  
I did show your back exercises to my doctor and he said they were very good for me to continue doing.  Now I can do them much better and easier.

Thanks again,

Brenda Naugler