Back Now Feels Better Than Ever

“no operation – playing squash again”

I slipped a disc in my lower back 3 years ago and was told that I needed a discectomy to put it right.

Because I had to wait for an appointment and I was in agony I scoured the internet for ways to help repair my back or at least get some relief in the meantime.

I came accross the "Back Pain: Good-BYE" exercise program and was relieved to find something so easy to read that explained everything with practical and sensible ways of easing my considerable pain….

….could feel the results immediately.

After a month I decided not to have the operation and after 18 months of exercising every day, my back was strong enough to start playing squash again.

It now feels better than ever and instead of having twinges all over my body from squash, I do the exercises before I play and have had no injuries or even twinges since I went back to playing over a year ago.

Best wishes,

Lauren Perry