Impressed At Immediate Results

“Didn’t need surgery in the end”

I suffered from back pain for 5 year as a result of a motorcyclist knocking me down at a crossing. As a result I ended up with a herniated disc and terrible back pain.

I was referred by my GP to a back doc who sent me on an intense course of physio and pain killers with limited results. To make along story short I went back and fort for a while. I was then referred to neurologist for surgery to remove the disk.

This is where I started searching for alternatives and found your web page and started to read other peoples testimonies about their similar back problems.

After I started to read the whole e-book, and do the exercises I was surprised and impressed at the immediate results.

I started feeling relief from the pain. I thought I would never get rid of, only through surgery. As I got more familiar with the exercises my back got stronger and more flexible.

I changed my diet and my posture improved and I started to drink more water, which had a positive effect on my back. I do the exercises three times a week and feel great. I didn’t need the surgery in the end and it all thanks to one e-book.

I can’t thank you enough for this e-book and all the time you spent researching it.

David Ginty