My Ordeal Is Over!

“survived my bulging disc”

Well, I have survived my bulging disc, so it seems, for the last 2 months I had these bad pains in my left leg and thought, like most people would, it will go again, but it only got worse, it got so bad that I had to leave at the opening ceremony of a restaurant I had decorated, I really felt awful…

Next day I visited the doctor and yes sir, you have a bulging disc, more painkillers and he sent me on to the neurologist, week later I went to the neurologist, laid on my bed more than anything else that week, unable to make money this month.

Neurologist: well sir, that sure looks like a bulging disc, forget about your vacation, first we do a rontgen and a MRI and I will see you back in 1,5 week and then we will discuss how and when to do surgery.

I was NOT happy, cause cutting in my back is really not my thing and all stories I heard from people who still had pain after surgery conviced me that this was not for me.

So I searched the internet for the cause of a bulging disc and other ways to get rid of pains and then I found your website and I thought, well every time 50 euros for the chiropractor did not help, so why not waste another 25 euros on your book as well.

Your book clearly explains how and why discs bulge and how to work on the cause and how to strenghten the back with exercises. I thought if it don’t work, it sure won’t hurt either etc.

Tried to do all exercises of the book every day again. After my last visit to the neurologist and the expectation that I would have to cancel my vacation I decided to take rigourous action. I totally lied down for 1,5 week and rested my back, only thing I did was your exercises for 1,5 hours each day, managed to do those without too much pain.

To strenghten my back and to get off my painkillers was my main aim. I was on morfine 6 times per day. Since last week I seem to have success, so much so that the neurologist whom I talked to yesterday, in stead of sending me on to the neurosurgeon (he had already prepared the letter to the surgeon, with mri scan and rontgenphotos ready) send me on to a physiotherapist and told me to report back in another 3 months!

So in fact my ordeal is over, the bulging disc is there but no longer causing me pain, incredible.

Thanks for all the trouble you took to put together this program. Every day I do my exercises I am proud of myself and of you that you managed to deal with the cause and not the symptoms.

Thanks again.

Guido Barnhoorn