Sly Back Pains Husband Also Gone

“felt sorry for my therapist”

 Well I had no troubles with your website. But my back pain is gone!

The exercise work fine. My back was bothering me and I therefore bought this book. I started doing the exercises together with my husband and what a surprise… his back pain is also gone. He had been suffering for years from sly back pains. Trouble with his left leg, unknown cause. Now turns out it was caused by his back. Especially the first exercise is super. You feel immediatley what it does for you. We do have to keep doing the exercises, else the chronic pain returns in Peter’s leg.

My right leg hurted. Stabbing, whirling pain and sometimes pain with every heart beat down in my ankles.

My leg also went numb whenever I took one of the kids on my lap. As soon as I started the exercises my painwas gone. Incredible.

I had had manual therapy before starting these exercises, I never mentioned it to my therapist, but she was quite surprised that my complaints were gone and she made no new appointment.

I decided not to tell her, I felt sorry for my therapist that I was able to heal myself. Thanks to your book ofcourse, all honour to you for your research.

I am hypermobile and therefore my muscles go a bit further than they should. Some exercises are too easy for me as a result. I can bend over and put my hands flat on the floor. That is a bit too much. I sometimes go too far and have had muscle pains because of that. I now limit myself with this and that works better.

We tell others and recommend going to your site and ordering your program.
There are some exercises that do not feel good for me, I just skip those. The other exercises feel fine, so if this works, I just stay with those.

Good luck with your super book!
Kind regards

Mirjam de Vos
The Netherlands