They Really Work!

“symptoms of herniated disc were almost gone”

Just a short not about the status of my herniated disc. After my symptoms of herniated disc were almost gone, I slowed down on the exercises, but I have now started doing them more again.

I do not like having to do the back exercises, but I feel they work. Despite the fact that I thought my herniated disc problems were almost gone, I once again feel progress.

I used to do the exercises three times a week, but am now testing if twice is enough, if not, I'll go back to three times.

Running and walking works a lot better also, I do think thanks to the exercises. Hey and don't I rather exercise than suffer again!?

I don't know if I will keep doing this for the rest of my life, but for now I continue.
Thanks for the clear pictures and exercises. They really work!


Jessica K.