I can walk, sneeze, cough and laugh without fear or pain.

“Completely gobsmacked by results”

Here is my story.... In December 2005 I crawled to my doctors surgery (literally!) for the fopurth time in two weeks.  

I could not straighten my back and could not cough or laugh without excruciating pain.  Finally he put me intouch with a consultant neurosurgeon who ordered an MRI which showed that I had a slipped disk in the lower back and would require surgery.  

He was insistent that surgery was the only cure and would be needed immediately so I agreed to have it done.  

Three days later I had a lumbar discectomy by keyhole surgery which was deemed a great success.  The pain in my legs was gone as was the excruciating pain in my back.  Now I had only six weeks to wait while the wounds healed and I would be right as rain again.  Six weeks later I was totally healed and delighted with life.

However On December 25th of 2006, I turned in my bed and lo and behold - the same back pain again although perhaps not quite as bad. I took plenty of muscle relaxants and painkillers for that day and the next and since it was the Christmas period and in Ireland everything shuts down for a week I began to look up the internet to see if there was anything I could do for myself.

I found your site and thought that it was worth a go.  On Wednesday Dec 27th I started the exercises and I am completely "gobsmacked" by the results!  I could hardly do the exercises on that day but I took no more pain relief from then to this.  My back, though not completely healed is certainly well on the way to total health.  

I can now do the exercises in half an hour and without any difficulty, I can walk, sneeze, cough and laugh without fear or pain.  I really wish I had found your site sooner - it would have saved me an operation a year ago.  I will come back to you to let you know if in five weeks I am totally pain free but even with the level of pain I now have I can live a very normal life and that was well woth the few euro I spent on your book.

I thank you so much and wish you luck with your own back which I hope remains pain free!!

Yours sincerely


Imelda Ryan