I Can Sit Again Without Disc Pain

“in 14 days I could not feel any pain in my L4 and L5”

I bought your Back Pain Goodbye info pack on october 10th at the age of 43 and drinked 4 glasses of water per day and did your excersises straight away in the morning and night every day and I noticed an improvemnt in 7 days and in 14 days I could not feel any pain in my L4 and L5.

I discontinued with the excersises but still drink the 4 glasses of water per day, I noticed no pain everyday and would write to you when in 60 days time for the results.

On October 25 I went to see a Rheumatologist and he stated that On examination his lumber spine moves well and without pain.

There is no sign of scatio. There is no local tenderness on palpation of the lumber joints nor sacro-iliac joints. Hips are normal. There is certainly some early degenerative spondylosis occuring. It is not major and symptoms do not sound all that significant.

He stated still I must avoid doing heavey lifting and do light work. He told me I should do swimming and ride a in-house stand still excersise bike.

I feel great I can sit again on my computer without disc pain and walk for 3 miles without pain in my lower back thank you so much for this info because I was experiencing it for 8 years and went to my doctor before 25-october and physiopherapist bbut they did not fix it for many years so I said to myself.

I am going to fix it myself by going on the internet and find infomation because they call the internet the infomation age.

I am glad that you have put this infomation on the internet because if you did not I would look down on myself in not having the enthusiasim in not working again.

Thank you so kindly.

Huda Veli