I Can Do Everything Again

“fear of my back popping out so easily is gone”

First of all, thanks, I have been doing the back exercises now for 7 weeks and I have to admit that I am doing much better now.

Some mornings I get up with a bit of stiffness, but that goes within minutes now.

My back went out once or twice but after a few exercises I am allright again, the fear of my back popping out so easily is gone as well and I can do everything again.

My problem was that my back popped out more and more often (with ever shorter trouble free times in between) which felt really bad and it caused my posture to deteriorate which gave me more pain elsewhere - hips.

I realise now that if I take action myself, my back pains go and I do not need any drugs to soften my pain.

Kind regards

Fokje VanderPloeg
The Netherlands