I Would Not Have Dreamed This Possible - Back Pain Almost Gone

“what a luxury”

First of all loooooooots of thanks!

I started the back exercises 4 weeks ago and felt better and better since. In the beginning I could not do all exercises (too stiff) but when the weeks went on, I could do more and more.

I can now drive my car again without feeling my right leg (what a luxury) and can sit and watch tv again, which I was unable to do for the last 2 years. Sitting for hours used to be torture.

I could do all exercises except 16 and 19, those took me a bit longer, but keeping at it helped me and now I can do them reasonably well.

Thanks again for the pain that is as good as gone. I would not have dreamed this was possible, I had tried everything, anti-inflammation drugs, painkillers, cortison epidurals, osteopath and physiotherapist. I really did not know what else to do.
Thanks, thanks, thanks


The Netherlands