Within Weeks I Felt Stronger

“money well spent”

I am a very active 51 year old who most of the time doesn't ask for help to get things done.

But about ten years ago I had my first run in with Lumbago (lower back problems).

Once everything was healed I just seemed to wait for the next time I moved wrong and pop. Again rest & pills until it went away.

Having always the same therapy (rest, pills) time and time again I became very frustrated. So I went on line, desperately looking for something else.

Well I found it "BACK-Pain goodbye". When I read his story, something told me, these guys knows exactly what I am feeling. I read it cover to cover and followed the instructions closely, within weeks I felt stronger and that little voice that always wards me about my popping back started to disappear.

My muscle structure now was overpowering my spine and vertebras. I notice that when I did too much my muscles around my lower back would now get real sore instead of my back just popping out like in the past. Upon feeling this soreness I immediately did my back exercises which includes not only stretching but relaxing as well.

This is the most difficult part of our bad back rehabilitation, continuing the exercises after the pain has gone. Keeping your muscles strong will keep your back most of the time under control. It has now been 9 months and no more lumbago. even while doing some heavy building and yard work this summer.

Don't get me wrong , I have had a sore back during this time but this is now my alarm system telling me to get better muscle strength.

My wife thought I was wasting my money but my body says it is money well spent.

My last advise to anyone searching for more, Read it ,do it and keep doing it.


Joshua Nathans