How to Cure Sciatica and get permanent Pain relief?

If you are still suffering from sciatica pains you rather get rid of your pains yesterday! And this article will show a number of things about sciatica and exercises that might help you understand if exercises are what you should be looking for.

I have suffered many times from sciatica over the years and I found that some exercises can definitely help, but there was something else altogether that really helped me rid myself of sciatic pains.

Leg Numbness, Buttocks Pain, Tingling Feet

Isn't it interesting that the effects from sciatica can be felt in your buttock, your leg and all the way down into your feet. All makes sense once and if you understand that sciatica is nothing but a diagnose of referral pains and sensations in the whole area of your body that is served by your sciatic nerve, which runs all the way from your buttock to the soles of your feet. 

I always had a hard time understanding the tingling feet and the numbness of a leg, until I had those sensations myself, then it really got me thinking. Of course I call myself lucky, because after I got floored once too often with my own back pains I set out on a hunt for information regarding back problems, including scatica. And during my hunt for solutions I ran into a number of questions that people have regarding sciatica. You'll find some below and at the bottom of this article you will find a link to an exercise program that has been succesfully used already in 93 countries worldwide by thousands to leave their back troubles behind, including sciatica pains, but let's first look at some questions...

Sciatica and Obesity

We live in a world where more and more people are struggling with their weight and of course it is only logical for people to wonder if weight has an effect on sciatica.

The research that I read seems to say that obesity does not cause sciatica and I am inclined to say yes to that from my own research and interactions with many fellow sciatica sufferers.

I do believe that obesity and sciatica have some things in common, and therefore I believe that losing weight (becoming less obese) can help rid you of sciatic pains. Let me explain.

Pain inflamed tissue is almost always tissue with lower levels of oxygen. High oxygenation lowers pain and helps against inflammation. Ready for the simple connection?

Obese people almost invariably move less and have more fatty tissue. And the lack of movement leads to less circulation and that automatically leads to lower levels of oxygen throughout the body of the obese person, which makes all the tissue more proe to inflame and become painful.

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