In the different pages of this article you will learn the 3 most important things you must know so you can facilitate and speed up the self-healing of your bulging or herniated disc.

How To Heal your Bulging DiscsYour body CAN heal injured discs almost always...

BUT you need to understand how the healing of your discs works and how it is different from healing of other tissues in your body.

Because depending on the type of tissue that is injured in your body, the healing process not only works different but also needs different care and attention.

So read on to find out what YOU can do to make it easy for YOUR body to heal your discs!

Not sure if your body knows how to heal itself? And how your body needs help?

With broken bones the process is pretty straight forward. If you break a leg, you first make sure that the broken bones are put back into the right position and angle, then you put a cast or splint around the broken bones and leave it alone for awhile so the bone can grow back together. Then you take off the cast/splint and retrain the muscles that have grown weak due to lack of use.

If you have an open wound, you first clean the wound, maybe desinfect it, perhaps stitch it and/or put a bandage around it and leave it to heal and at regular intervals change the bandage.

If you sprain your ankle, you apply ice or cold water - against the swelling - you might tape or bandage the ankle to provide some extra strength and stability and you leave the tissue alone to heal.

So there you have it, 3 different types of tissue, each requiring their own treatment and each having a different way to heal.

But what about the intervertebral discs? What to do when they are injured?

Ready for some simple answers? Here we go. Just click on the link to the next article:

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